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Kangaro SR 300 Stapler Pin Remover

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Categories Office Products Office Stationery

Kangaro Sr 300 Stapler Pin Remover

We are a manufacturer of kangaro sr 300 stapler pin remover, exporter of stapler pin remover and supplier of stapler pin remover from New Delhi, India.

   Ideal for Office and Banks use to remove staples
   Lifts both standard & heavy duty staples
   All metal construction
   Delivery within 2-3 days
   Made By Kanagaroo

Product Code : STP001 Minimum Quantity : 10 Pcs
Condition Type : New Approx. Weight : 100 gms
Supplier : Stationary Station Lead Time : 3 Days
Indicative Price : On Request Upload Date : 3/22/2012

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 Kangaro SR 300 Stapler Pin Remover

Kangaroo SR 300 is a must for financial sector for safely removing staples from currency. It is also very useful in removing staples from documents without making any harm to them. Made by finest quality available in different colors and sizes to meet everyone's requirement.

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Company: Stationary Station Member Since: 2012 Skype Id: Call Supplier (royal.kraft)
Office No: 9910231218 Mobile No: 91-9810194927 Fax No: Not Available
Website: Primary Email: Office Email:
Address: D-11/68 First Floor, Rohini Sector -7, New Delhi - 110085, India Google Map: Get Direction
We are a leading manufacturer and exporter of Corporate Gifts office Stationery computer accessories from New Delhi, India.

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